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Cartea "Pofta de povesti" a castigat pe 1 septembrie cel de-al IV-lea premiu international

Juriul Readers' Favorite International Book Award (SUA) a acordat medalia de argint (la categoria Children-Educational) editiei in engleza a cartii noastre. Festivitatea de premiere va avea loc in noiembrie la Miami, unde am fost invitati deja. Cartea a starnit deja interesul parintilor dar si educatorilor din SUA si va fi expusa inclusiv in cadrul Miami Book Fair, la finele lui noiembrie.

Premiu Pofta de povesti

 Cartea se bucura de un mare succes in randul cititorilor, figurand de mai multe saptamani in topurile de vanzari si popularitate ale librariilor. In aceasta toamna, "Pofta de povesti" se va bucura de o continuare - o noua carte in Colectia Copilul Verde. In luna septembrie, fiecare exemplar comandat pe acest site se livreaza cu autograf, un sigiliu festiv metalizat si un potpourri cadou. Detalii aici. In libraria online gasiti si editia in limba engleza.

Recenzia cartii:

Yummy Stories: Six Stories to Stimulate Your Mind and Appetite is a children's book written by Lil L. Alexander and illustrated by Anda Cofaru. Each story is a fairy tale or fable. The Pea and the Princess may remind some readers of Jack and the Beanstalk as well as the more obvious fairy tale. Cheekerchuck is the story of an old woman who finds a giant egg in her garden. The Three Garden Fairies is the story of a man and his dog who find a bridge to an enchanted wood where fairies are quarreling about who should be crowned queen. The Strawberry That Liked to Brag is an interactive story whose ending depends on what the reader decides. 

Lil L. Alexander's children's book, Yummy Stories, is filled with stories about vegetables and fruits. Sounds pretty tame, right? Wrong! Each of these very yummy stories is a perfect little gem of a fractured fairy tale. They're clever and witty and designed to make you smile with delight as you read -- and, unless you're made of stone, smile you will. Alexander's rhymes are elegant and earthy all at once, and they're never forced or obvious. These stories beg to be read aloud, and I had to restrain myself from doing just that as I read. Anda Cofaru's illustrations are superb! Each page is a giant watercolor filled with lush green landscapes where giant broccoli stalk trees seem very much in place. I especially loved the asparagus-spear fence in the strawberry tale. Yummy Stories is a yummy book indeed, and it is most highly recommended.

Jack Magnus, for Readers' Favorite.

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